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Missouri Legislation To Bring Accountability?

Posted by CultureVigilante on March 18, 2010

While the Supreme Court of Missouri works to update the current standards that relate to the conduct and procedural operation of guardians ad litem, legislators are becoming aware of the need to bring some accountability to the system, as well.

In December of 2009, Representative, Cynthia Davis, of the 19th district, pre-filed a bill which addresses some issues related to requiring, on the record, accountability from the judiciary in determining the need for GALs in cases. The bill also defines, in a broad sense, age as a factor in determining the need for guardian representation; as it is often assumed that older children can communicate effectively their needs and desires, in some cases. So far, HB1233 has not been placed on the calendar for a hearing.

Senator, Luann Ridgeway has introduced legislation, SB652, that would bring some much needed accountability to the process by requiring jury trials be set in involuntary termination of parental rights.

We will keep you posted on any activity on both of these bills as the session continues. Please feel free to contact your representatives to support these pieces of legislation or any others that bring accountability to the process of the family court system.


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