Guardian Ad Litem Reform

Citizens working to protect children and stop the destruction of the family by Family Court injustice.

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No Transparency/Accountability In Missouri’s Supreme Court?

Posted by CultureVigilante on April 16, 2011

Missouri’s Supreme Court likes to, it seems, operate without scrutiny or accountability. Bob McCarty digs a little deeper into the development of the Supreme Court’s standards for Guardians Ad Litem and finds that getting answers from the court about how they work is just not that easy. He also learns that there isn’t a lot of outside checks and balance when it comes to the judicial system and the process that is supposed to protect children and elevate their best interests above all else. So, as of this posting, the Missouri Senate passed a bill to the Missouri House in which the Supreme Court formulated a document, to be put into law, that governs those who work to protect children, without disclosing the information to the legislators within that document. Why would the court not disclose GAL guidelines to the legislature before they vote them into place? Why wouldn’t the legislature insist on seeing the guidelines before they vote them into law? If this is a case of the legal system policing the legal system, it isn’t working very well.


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