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Citizens working to protect children and stop the destruction of the family by Family Court injustice.

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The State Can Take Your Children Away And You Have No Recourse

Posted by CultureVigilante on May 10, 2011 released this video, today, along with the tragic story of how the state of Michigan invaded a parent’s rights and took custody of their child. Stories of parental rights violation are happening all over the country. Parental rights are under attack and the attacker is the government, federal and state. The biggest ‘dirty little secret’ of our country is how family courts are unilaterally encroaching on fundamental rights of parents to destroy the family in our culture.


One Response to “The State Can Take Your Children Away And You Have No Recourse”

  1. Alicia said

    The state of Missouri did this to me. They gave all rights to her father and forced me to sign mine over with threats if I didnt cooperate. They literally had nothing that I did wrong just a one sided judge and a money grubbing GAL.

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