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Citizens working to protect children and stop the destruction of the family by Family Court injustice.

Family Court Corruption Stories In Missouri

Posted by CultureVigilante on June 22, 2011

Here are two stories of bad family court experiences and examples of how bad judgements in family courts reinforce a dysfunctional culture. Only outrage from the public will motivate change and accountability. Aren’t the children reason enough to change the system?


2 Responses to “Family Court Corruption Stories In Missouri”

  1. Alicia said

    I was forced by a Missouri judge to sign over my rights. She said “I’m tired of dealing with you either you sign your rights over or I will force you too with add charges” no one ever knew why. I literally did nothing wrong. The lawyer I had gave up and the GAL took his side because he had more money. I lost my kid because of money and laziness.

  2. Alicia said

    There are so many corrupt stories. Mine and many other women have lost their children over money or like in my case the judge just decided she didn’t like me and took my daughter away and she has no real or fact related reason. The same judge took a women’s 3 children away because she just didn’t like her. You would think there’s more to it like drugs or abuse but there is NOT.

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