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Should Judges Be Monitored By Juries?

Posted by CultureVigilante on August 11, 2011

There are increasingly more stories circulating about corrupt judges. We all know the judicial system, in the United States, is severely broken. It is, sadly, the one branch of government, on a national and local level, that goes relatively unchecked. They police their own, and unfortunately they make all the rules within their sphere of influence, so not much policing gets done. One good example of this is the loose definition by which Best Interest Of The Child Standards are applied. There seems to be no tangible outline of what that is in most states, and therefore, left up to interpretation of judges. Since legislatures and disciplinary committees are hesitant to oversee the behavior of this branch, it leaves a lot of room for shenanigans. Children and families are suffering because of the lack of oversight. Cases like the Ciavarella case are examples of why judges should not be left unsupervised. Perhaps the answer is requiring juries to supervise all family court cases. It certainly would be eye opening to the general populace, who manages to avoid this unfortunate and corrupt branch of government, for them to see the abuse that takes place there.


2 Responses to “Should Judges Be Monitored By Juries?”

  1. Alicia said

    Yes, I would have my daughter today if I had a jury..

  2. meme said

    Yes they should especially in st Charles mo !!!

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