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Family Courts Get It Wrong Again, Dismantle The Family Culture In America

Posted by CultureVigilante on May 10, 2011

In this post on Culture Vigilante, you will read how a Durham family court judge sends a strong message about how she views the family structure of the community and country she serves. She also sends this message to the children involved in the case, who will forever be scarred by the lack of compassion and disregard she has for the children and mother before her in her court.

Cases like this are common in America, today. Most people are unaware of the atrocities that take place in courts until they are unfortunate enough to be entangle in the family court system. Read this story and be on the look out for others. There are many. They characterize the distinctive nature of rulings that come from family courts and how they shape, or dismantle, the family in America.


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