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Bill Randles: Candidate For Governor With A Judicial Reform Platform

Posted by CultureVigilante on November 15, 2011

Could it be true? Is there a politician, a lawyer no less, who would actually advocate for judicial reform as part of his campaign platform? Well, it is possible, in Missouri’s 2012 gubernatorial GOP primary race. Bill Randles is traveling the state, trying to gain name recognition, and gather grass roots support his bid for the governor’s office.

What a great way to get the attention of the average voter who has been unlucky enough to be assaulted and abused by the court system! Campaign on Judicial Reform. Randles has a plan to reign in the abuse of authority and corruption that many know is commonplace in the judicial branch of government. Actual deadlines and measures of accountability for judges? Yep. That’s what he is proposing. Can you imagine how black robes across the state are squirming at the thought of actually being required to do their jobs under scrutiny?

Bill Randles is a Harvard Law School graduate who has had successful law practices in St. Louis and Kansas City. He and his wife, Bev, made the decision to leave private practice and run for state wide office sometime in 2008 after his Harvard classmate, Barack Obama, was elected to office. This is his first attempt to run for political office. In the current political climate, some feel not having a political past is a plus. But, a lack of political experience does not mean there isn’t a clear understanding of the process and a vision for the future. Watch the video and see for yourself, how he plans to bring the judicial branch of government back to a reasonable and citizen friendly steward, to serve rather than violate the people.

You probably haven’t heard much about Randles or his campaign up to this point as it seems the media is trying to keep his name off the radar. The St. Louis Post Dispatch has intentionally kept his name out of news reports even though he is the only officially declared candidate for the GOP nomination to date. Keep your eyes on this guy and an ear to the ground. Randles has several concrete stances on many controversial issues, and unlike most campaigning politicians, he isn’t afraid to put himself and his opinions and ideas out there.


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